FPSMOE is previously known as Figure Photo Studio for the figurine photography circle since 2012. We have expanded to the doujin fan artworks and have participated for more than 70 events in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. We can't go this far without your support, thank you so much!

New regulation for the phone number
Phone number is no longer optional. Postal service requires a valid and contactable phone number of the destined country. We will reconfirm your phone number if it looks different from the standard format and hold the shipment until you have replied to our email. Any order with invalid or uncontactable phone number that may result in failure delivery, cannot be resent.

How much is the shipping price?
Due to the current worldwide issue, there is an adjustment to the shipping price ($15 USD)* and minimum order ($10 USD)
* for Asia, United States and Canada

Why the shipping price is so expensive to some country?
Shipment that available for now is Express Mail Service (EMS). The regular shipment is not available due to the current worldwide issue. EMS shipment price is based on your average region price, send us a message if you want to reconfirm the shipping price to your country.

Where do you ship it from?

How do I track my order?
We will send you the tracking code via email. You can check it later at :


Returns and Exchanges Policy

※ If you received incorrect items or missing some items, we will send the correct ones right away

※ If the items are damaged from the shipping, please contact us for the detail

※ If the order haven't arrived yet for long time because of wrong or incomplete address + invalid phone number, we cannot resend the items

※ If the package is lost with correct address, we will resend the orders. The order is considered lost if it did not arrive after 6 months since the day shipped

Any other question?
Please contact us