FPSMOE is a new brand from FPS that specialized on MOE stuff

Our moe stickers are drawn by Soyatu with his unique and lovely style! Also more moe stuff by Ikazu401, Aoi Tsuki, YPF93, Hurashi & Konkon

FPS ( Figure Photo Studio ) was started on 2012 with the first event at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012. We have participated for more than 60 events in South East Asia ( Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand ) and Hong Kong

Looking forward to deliver moe stuff for you!

Please provide us your phone number on the Note upon checkout

How do I track my order?
We will send you the tracking code via email. You can check it later at :

Where do you ship it from?
We ship it from Indonesia. Most of our products are ready, we will prepare it within a week to start the shipment

How much is the shipping cost?
Flat $6 USD with Regular Airmail

How long the Regular Airmail shipment will arrive?
Asia around 1-2 weeks
United States around 3-6 weeks

Do you have a faster shipment option?

Yes, we have EMS (Express Mail Service)
Please contact us for more info about it

Email : figurephotostudio@gmail.com